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"This innovation is probably the best thing to happen to resuscitation care in our environment, and will significantly reduce infant and adult mortality rates from developing countries"

- Accident & Emergency Chair, Lagos Teaching Hospital, Nigeria

The New VitaCaeli Prototyes are here!

October 2021 | Ligand Innovation announced the release of two initial prototypes of the newest generation of the VitaCaeli ventilator.

Screen Shot 2021-10-18 at 10.13.58 AM.png

“The key to this product innovation is not so technically complex, but rather that it simply meets the user’s basic and critical needs [and only those needs] where there was previously nothing.”


The VitaCaeli was specifically designed for use in developing countries to improve the quality of resuscitation care. It is well documented in literature that health workers have had to indefinitely use breathing bags to ventilate patients. The VitaCaeli automates this process, delivers controlled breaths in a more effective and efficient manner, releasing medical staff to attend to other patient needs, with tidal volume control, respiratory rate control, Inspiratory:Expiratory ratio settings with Pressure alarms.

This innovation has also been identified by the U.S Department of Defence, as a potential affordable alternative ventilator, in the treatment of lung paralysis from Botulinum neurotoxin, BoNT.



Conventional mechanical ventilators cost $15,000 - $30,000, a significantly expensive price point, especially for health facilities in developing countries.  The VitaCaeli offers one of the most affordable options for efficient intermittent positive pressure ventilation today with additional control systems and pressure alarms.


Hundreds of thousands of lives are lost annually, due to lack of ventilators, ultra-expensive and rare intensive care beds.
As the data reveals, countries and regions with the poorest populations, and lowest intensive care beds, also have the highest rates of neonatal, infant, under-5 as well as adult morbidity and mortality rates.

The VitaCaeli has been described as "an important life-saver, given the prevailing circumstances in resource-limited environments, and will significantly reduce infant and adult mortality rates from developing countries".


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